No doctors could find out what was wrong with me for 43 years. I started a diary and took me 5 years researching the in and outs of my conclusions. I couldn’t digest fat and when it would bind with gluten I was a mess. I was constantly stressed. Because i was so focus in figuring it out i attracted the right literature and friends to clear my path. It took information and consciousness to guide me into the right choices. But it really took determination! My life started changing in 2015. Today, I am grateful to feel well! I am not a doctor or a scientist. I play researcher.

These pages are gathering of articles, videos and podcasts from scientists and doctors paving the road to a sincere recovery of health in the cellular level. I will try to update it as much as possible.

It’s now part of my mission to support their views because through them I had the opportunity to realize that my biggest investment is MY HEALTH. I have decided to be part of a healthy “tissue” that is embracing current society. In a certain way, each of us are a cell influencing each other.

Inspired by several MD’s and researchers that have turned to nutrition, style of life and supplements to find the cure or the prevention for all kind of dis-eases I aim to bring light to the wave of awareness in regards to several things that affects the health of human cellular level. It takes determination to stay healthy. It takes discipline.

The idea here is also to be a resource for ethically sourced supplements and technologies, besides knowledge. There are lots of supplements out there with doubtful ingredients in it. It really matters! I suggest you to look into the ingredients of any and all supplements and food you take into your body.

Yes, I am in the affiliate program of Iherb for supplements and it’s good for me and whoever uses it because no matter if you are their client or not you still get a discount through my link. But i want to say that the 10% i get is not what drives my suggestions. My suggestions come from the fact that some supplements carry fillers and others don’t. Some are organics and others not. Some are pure and other are mixed with some proprietary blends. Some comes from doubtful resources and some from pristine ones.

I don’t keep comments open because the span comes in but if you would like to drop me a line please feel free:

feedingTheCells at gmail dot com.

May you be healthy,