Cells are the human foundation. From the encounter of female egg cell and the male sperm cell results the single cell called zygote, that may become an embryo after the zygote divides itself into 2 cells or more. The embryo is already a collections of cells even though in much less amounts than when it becomes a human system.

All cells, have a membrane that envelops itself, regulates what moves in and out, and maintains (or not) the electric potential of the cell. Inside the membrane, the cytoplasm takes up most of the cell’s volume. Most cells possess DNA, containing the information necessary to build various proteins such as enzymes, the cell’s primary machinery.

Even though all cells work together to keep the “human machine” working all natural cells in the human body are “specialized”. Each type of cell have specific function, and that is why it all looks different in size, shape and structure. We have BRAIN CELLS, RED BLOOD CELLS ( the most abundant type ), WHITE BLOOD CELLS, SKIN CELLS, FAT CELLS,… all kinds. It all has different life span as well. Some live 24h, some couple weeks, some couple months, some over a year and some like the brain ones live as long as the body that holds it. Science has got so far studying different cells in such deep level that it’s not that difficult anymore to understand that rebuilding your body on the cellular level is no longer science fiction.

The cells from different parts of our body communicate. An interesting article from Dr Mercola talks about the complex communication between the cells, check it out HERE

Stem Cells are different! They have the ability to turn into various other types of cells . They have the ability to divide and make an indefinite number of copies of themselves and it represents an enormous hope for researchers as it can be useful for treating and understanding diseases or replace damaged organs or tissues, to say the least. Although human embryonic stem cells went through controversial times because it destroys the embryo the adult stem cells never presented any ethical problems. With the breakthrough discovery of iPSCs, the controversy became towards the fact that if iPSCs have the potential to develop into a human embryo, researchers could theoretically create a clone of the donor. There are restrictions on public funding for such studies in the US but researchers are currently focusing on finding ways to control how stem cells turn into other types of cells in universities and hospitals in US and all over the world.

A study released in the journal Cell Stem concludes that healthy older men and women generate just as many new brain cells as younger people. This is new mainly because the rodents brains are not like that and they are the ones most present in the studies.

Since the 70’s american microbiologists have been updating the number of bacterial cells in the human bodies and also the value of it, besides the human cells. More on this in our PROBIOTICs post but check this video:

A Simple & Easy General Explanation  about cells:

A quick 3 min to understand the aging of YOUR body:

and here, why we get Sick:

Yes, WE ARE a blend of complex organisms !!!


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