In the health food store another day I grabbed a bottle of BULLETPROOF Brain Octane OIL and someone asked: Why do you pay the EXTRA BUCK FOR THIS BRAND?
The guy was really trying to figure what was special about “this” MCT oil. I looked inside his cart and saw that he had a trust worthy brand of organic olive oil and some good looking vegetables. I replied “same reason you buy THAT brand of olive oil. I trust the brand. Dave Asprey’s research is quite impressive. I have read both of his books and I am forever grateful for his deep research on human health and for taking his time to write in such an easy language. This guy changed my life FOREVER.

Sure there are others out there but when he started Bulletproof Brain Octane there wasnt all this buzz about MCT oil. He resurrected its use, benefits and awoke all these other brands interest to put out a new generation of product. Besides that, there is the fact on HOW to use it properly that Asprey seems to have been the one to spread that joy as well. Oh boy, i just love his brain.

He started it all so committed to optimize everything that touches human performance in all aspects and invested such enormous amount of $ and time so i believe he deserves credibility. It came from his personal need. I hope he stays true to his initial commitment.

His podcast and blog are so incredible!!! He interviews cutting edge scientists and doctors that are following an alternative road. It seems a sincere awakening path!

Check his blog out:

E N O U G H    OF    J U N K    F O O D  =  enough of feeling junk !!

To better understand the power of MCT OIL to our brain cells watch  videos with Dave Asprey, very easy language:

BTW, I am not affiliate to Bulletproof in any way. It’s just gratitude that made write about it as well as the desire to share the ride.